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Textile straps and webbing slings lifting systems

webbing slings Lifting systems consisting of textile straps and metal accessories, with one, two, three or four arms: Textile Slings Lifting Systems.

Lifting Wire Ropes (stranded ropes for lifting purposes)

Lifting wire ropes General notions of lifting stranded wire ropes, which show you how to identify the wire ropes, the notations used, the most common ropes constructions, the windings in Stranded Wire Ropes page. Also on this page - measuring the wire rope on the drum, placing it correctly, rolling and uniform winding the stranded wire rope. The guide contains instructions on the influence of the lifting angles as well as the temperature on the working / breaking load. Final chapter is guide to choosing wire rope constructions used for the manufacture lifting slings or for general purposes lifting applications, depending on the wire rope core as well as the non-rotating properties.

stainless steel wire rope For high-corrosion resistance requirements, see our offer for Stainless Steel Wire Ropes.

non-rotating wire ropes Characteristics of non-rotating wire ropes, their properties and the main constructions supplied in Non-rotating Wire Ropes page.

Slings and Lifting Systems

slings and wire rope lifting systems Stranded wire ropes for lifting with one, two, three or four legs, with soft and hard eyes: Slings and Wire Rope Lifting Systems.
For wire ropes used for these slings, see Lifting Wire Ropes page.


lifting pulleys Choose pulleys based on the wire rope used, use a pulley with a tirfor and use multiple pulleys: Use and Choice Guide.

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