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Working Load Limits for Various Setups

Quick Note

Textile flat lifting straps and circular (tubular) straps can be used in lifting systems with one, two, three or four arms.

Lifting systems fitted with textile straps usually have an master link at the top, grade 80 or 100 specific accessories at the bottom (hooks or shackles) - the joint between the textile strap and the metal accessories being made by specific alloy steel connecting links or shackles.

How do I read the table?

The first column (lower half) shows the maximum working loads of textile straps PRO-W or PRO-R. On the basis of these loads, the basis of the angles to the vertical formed by the arms and the load coefficients provided by the standards EN 1492-1 and EN 1492-2, the maximum working load results.

Check the correspondence between the strap load and the top icon that represents your applications configuration.