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PRO-HHC-1W Adjustable Pipe Hooks

Adjustable Pipe Hooks
Adjustable Pipe Hooks system use

Adjustable pipe hooks manufactured in Japan, composed of a link from which two hooks are attached. Due to the shape of the link and the arm fastening system in the link, the hooks can be mounted on profiles with different ranges, there is an increased flexibility with regard to the opening that can form between the hooks.

Hooks are provided at the leg base with a protection that avoids damage to the surface / contour of the lifted load. The grip will be made from the side and will always be used in pairs.

Manufacturing standard for horizontal pipe lifting clamps is EN 13155.

PROlift® lifting clamps are provided with serial number and an identification plate according to the standard.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum load WLL!

drawing for an Adjustable Pipe Hooks
dimensions and features for an Adjustable Pipe Hooks