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PRO-C Chain Hoist

chain hand hoist

Manual chain hoist - these are robust hoists, with a modern design and may perform various tasks. Their working temperature range varies between minus 10°C and +50°C. They are made in compliance with EN 13157 standard.

All PROlift hoists are tested by the factory at 1.5 times their rated capacity.
On demand, the hoists can be supplied with overload protection and work load limits up to 100 tons.
On demand, the hoists can be fitted with any length of chain.

Constructive features of the PRO-C type manual chain hoist:

  • both the suspension and the load hooks are built to withstand incidental overloads, they will bend if overloaded and never break, being made of high quality steel;
  • both hooks are fitted with sturdy joints that allow them to spin 360°;
  • all the components that perform spin moves are mounted on bearings, leading to the reduction of friction, increased efficiency and reliability;
  • the brake is automatic, with friction disks made from asbestos-free materials;
  • two steps reducer for the lifting mechanism;
  • the supply chain's guidance system is seamlessly incorporated into the casing, its dimensions provide handling the hoist with high accuracy;
  • the load chain's guide rollers endure a perfect alignment of the chain, regardless of any tilting angle of the hoist;
  • grade 80 alloy load chains, according to EN 818-7;
  • both load and handling chains are galvanised;

drawing of manual chain hoist

size and features for manual chain hoist