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PRO-CL Concrete (Cement) Pipe Clamp

Concrete Pipe Clamp
exemplu folosire cleste teava din beton

This type of clamp is used to lift from the vertical position of the cement pipe / concrete prefabricated pipe.

Manufacturing standard for this lifting clamp is EN 13155.

It is recommended to use this model in configurations of 3 clamps, positioned equidistantly (equilateral triangle), at the ends of the arms of the lifting chain system.

The maximum work load in the table is valid for the 3-clamps configuration. If used in pairs of 2 clamps, the load shall be adjusted accordingly as  2/ of WLL.

PROlift® lifting clamps are provided with serial number and an identification plate according to the standard.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum load WLL!

dimensions and features of Concrete Pipe Clamp