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PRO-YSH Electric Hoist with Chain and Hook

Blackbear electric chain hoist

Electric hoist PROlift® powered by Blackbear® with chain and hook, available both as single speed and dual speed, with workload range starting from 500 kg and up to 3 tons.

The YSH electric hoist with chain and hook has a higher top speed than PRO-YSL, which allows its use in applications that require better control of lifting the load, at higher speed.

Estimated motor duty cycle is 40% for single speed models and 20% for dual speed models. Ingress protection code is IP42.

IP42: Protected from tools and small wires greater than 1 millimetre; protected from water spray less than 15 degrees from vertical.

The hoist is fitted with grade 80 calibrated chain and proper chain container. Standard power supply is 380V / 50Hz. Manufactured according to Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and Low Voltages Directive (2006/95/EC/).

Main features of three-phase Blackbear electric chain hoist are:

  • Power supply of remote pendant is 24V/48V which avoids possible short circuit accidents and ensures safe operation in humid environments;
  • Limit switches, fitted at both top and bottom ends, shuts off power automatically to prevent load chain from running out;
  • Phase error relay, a specially designed electric board prevents motor from running at it reverse phased;
  • Automatic braking system ensures automatic braking both when the voltage drops and when the hoist has stopped;
  • Double brake system for safe operation;
  • Emergency stop features embedded;
  • Electronic overload protection;
  • Insulation class F (155°C) for motors;
  • ISO M5 / FEM 2m rating;
  • Colour: Anthracite Gray.

Manufactured according to EN 13157 and EN 14492-2 standards specifications.

For PRO-YSH model, see informations in table below:

main features of electric chain hoist PRO-YSH

On demand, the hoists can be fitted with any length of chain.

The hoist can be fitted with pendant control or radio remote controller or even both systems of control.

upper and lower hook dimensions

electric chain hoist load hook drawing

Load hook (lower / inferior, used for lifting) and upper hook dimensions (used for fastening at top) are presented above.

These hooks are made by forging from special alloys for high strength, with overload reserve.

The hooks are fitted with safety latches and 360° swivel.

There are available the following single and dual speed variants (D letter from the hoist code designates dual speed type):

variants of electric chain hoist PRO-YSH

features of Blackbear electric chain hoist, three-phase

drawing of electric chain hoist

dimensions and parameters for electric chain hoist