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PRO-CTD Electric Motorised Chain Hoist with Electric Trolley

triphasic chain hoist with electric trolley

The PROlift® electric motorised chain hoists with electric trolley are able to handle any load lifting operations, either at a fixed location or moving on a fixed beam. For the translational movements the electric chain hoists can be fitted to special trolleys, either electrically powered or hand operated (chain equipped).

triphasic chain hoist with electric trolley use example
It is used where horizontal movement is necessary. The horizontal movement of the load is achieved using an electric remote controlled trolley.

This model is composed of a PRO-CTS electric chain hoist and a PRO-CV type monorail electric trolley.

It is equipped with Grade 80 load chain and standard bag for the chain.
Standard voltage: 380V / 50Hz; optionally, it can be provided for other voltages.

The PROlift® electric chain hoists main advantages:

  • They have the highest lifting speed, as well as providing the greatest power compared to similar products;
  • Equipped with heavy duty hoist motors with class H insulation according to ASME HST;
  • Standard voltage is set for 380V/50Hz; other voltages available upon request;
  • Sealed electrical enclosure;
  • They have a high working rating of 360 starts per hour;
  • Overload protection thru an advanced external slip clutch;
  • A paddle-type stroke limiter is fitted on the lifting chain to avoid lifting or lowering the load in excess of drum limitations;
  • They use grade 80 super alloy load chain with a 6:1 safety factor;
  • Supplied with standard chain container for 10 meters of chain;
  • The single D.C. brake does not interrupt the kinetic bond between the holding brake and the lifted load;
  • The brake design also includes a manual release mechanism in case of power failure;
  • Pendent remote control, double insulated and ergonomically designed; standard 48 Volt low-voltage control (24 volts optional);
  • The remote control is fitted with an emergency stop button;
  • As per customer request, they can be fitted with a radio controller instead of remote controller or fitted for both variants;

The termination 001 in the product code represents the single speed hoist and the termination 003 represents the double speed hoist.

Electric motorised hoists fitted with electric trolley are made according to EN 13157 and EN 14492-2 standards specs.

calibrated chain link drawing
Standard dimensions for chain links, adjusted for different models and load capacities, presented below.
Note that all hoist chains are calibrated and have a fine size tolerance.

Dont try to use and fit regular load chain or calibrated chain with small differences in size with a hoist. There is a great risk of damage to the hoist!

dimensions of calibrated chain link
drawing of hoist lifting hook
Find below lifting hook dimensions (lower, used for load lifting and upper, used for hoist upper fixing).

Both hooks are manufactured by drop forged from steel alloy and heat-treated for strength and toughness; it will not break but open slowly when overloaded.
Hooks also equipped with safety latch and a 360° swivel.

upper and lower hook dimensions

On demand, the hoists can be fitted with any length of chain, according to customer requests.

Note: PRO-CTD trolley driven hoists are provided till existing stock liquidation.
drawing of triphasic electric chain hoist with electric trolley

dimensions and features of electric trolley driven electric chain hoist