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PRO-CP300 Electric Winch CP300

Electric Winch CP300

This single-phase 300 kg capacity electric winch is used for lifting and pulling loads.

Electric winch CP300 is manufactured and built according to the following standards and directives:
- EN 14492-1 Cranes - Power driven winches and hoists - Part 1: Power driven winches;
- Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC;
- Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 2014/30/EU;
- The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU;

Main features:
- light weight and a compact design;
- easy installation;
- electromagnetic brake for safety;
- planetary gear for increased efficiency;
- cast steel housing,
- high-efficiency ball bearings on the entire running surface;
- closing flange to prevent wire rope from locking between the drum and the holder;
- two-button remote control - up/down;
- silent operation;
- thermal protection to avoid overheating and burning of the engine;

the relationship between pulling capacity and operating angle

The values in the next table are determined for the first layer, pulling on flat and clean surfaces with minimal friction.

1. Attention! Do not use to move or pick up people!
2. As the number of wire rope layers on the drum decreases, the lifting capacity increases by about 10%;
3. The lifting wire rope is not covered by the guarantee;
4. The pulling capacity is substantially influenced by the friction forces encountered;

This model is the stronger version of the model PRO-CP300.
Technical specifications:
- lifting capacity 300 kg;
- lifting speed: 10-15 m/min at 50 Hz;
- engine: 1.15 kW x 4 poles;
- lifting wire rope: 6 mm diameter, 30 m length;
- maximum lifting height 29 m;
- diameter of the drum: 94 mm;
- diameter of the drum flange: 154 mm;
- distance between flanges: 110 mm;
- dimensions of the fastening plate: 142 mm x 142 mm;
- weight: 40 kg;
- protection class: IP 44;
- power supply: 230 V;

Standard accessories:
- lifting wire rope: 6 mm x 30 m;
- remote control cable: 3.25 mm2 x 6 m x 5 wires;
- power supply cable: 3.5 mm2 x 3 m x 3 wires;

PROlift® electric hand winches are provided with the identification plate on which are the product series, the year of manufacture, the pulling capacity / load and our identification data.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed working load limit / rated capacity!

drawing of single-phase electric winch
single-phase electric winch operation
dimensions and features of Electric Winch CP300