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PRO-SBY Yokota Electric Winch

Yokota Electric Winch

This Yokota branded triphase electric winch has a classic design and construction with motor, planetary reducer and wire rope drum.
Maximum capacity can be up to 20 tons.

Standard features:
- planetary reducer;
- pneumatic drive motor with control valve;
- steel drum with wire rope attachment system on the side flange;
- two drum supports;

Optional features:
- electric motor IP 56 with cast iron housing, for naval applications;
- engine protection from explosions;
- brakes on the drum;
- alternative speeds,
- alternative power voltages,
- drum protection;
- profiled drum for the wire rope used;
- manual drive system in case of damage;
- different sizes for the drum;
- painted for naval use;

Optional control systems:
- control box of protection class IP 55 or IP 66 with operating buttons and emergency stop, according to standards NEN 1010 / HD (IEC) 60364;
- pendant of protection class IP 65 for low voltages according to NEN 1010 / HD (IEC) 60364 standards;
- radio command or infrared command;
- load limiter (mandatory in the EU for loads greater than 1 ton);
- frequency inverter for variable speed control;
- track limiter (electric, hydraulic or pneumatic);
- damaged wire rope warning (electric, hydraulic or pneumatic);
- operating speed control valve, local or remote (hydraulic or pneumatic);

dimensions and features of Yokota Electric Winch