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PRO-HF Electric Wire Rope Hoist

three-phase electric wire rope hoist

This electric wire rope hoist has a flexible installation procedure due to its multiple types of connections and it is ideal for renovation or modernisation works. It ensures an optimal use of space due to its compact design and enables rapid handling due to its high lifting speed.

The vibration levels are low and the action of the brake is quick. The gearbox is lubricated for life thanks to the hermetically closed case. It is equipped with overload protection and remote control. The working power supply voltage is 380V.

Electric wire rope hoist is being manufactured according to requirements of EN 13157 and EN 14492-2 standards.
The hoist dimensions are informative because of variable lifting height (which determines a variable wire rope length and a drum size) and workload (thicker wire rope).

Wire rope hoists can be fitted for different lifting heights and different workloads.

drawing of electric wire rope hoist

dimensions and parameters of electric wire rope hoist