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PRO-580 Eye Bolt DIN 580

Eye Bolt DIN 580
working angles for Eye Bolt DIN 580

These lifting eye bolts are used, for example, for lifting of machinery and metal profiles; they have the advantage of being able to be removed and recovered after lifting. They can also be used as a termination element for lifting chains or wire ropes.

It is very important that before lifting, check the threaded hole in which the screw will enter, at least in terms of the diameter and step of the thread.
The condition (appearance) of the screwable eye (the condition of the screw and thread, the condition of the eye). The screw must also be taken into account along its entire length (depth) and must stand firmly in the threaded hole. In choosing the right model, consider the working load to be handled (WLL) as well as the way of fixing the screw (diameter and length).

Note - Keep in mind that the eye is manufactured on dimensions expressed in the metric system.

Manufacturing standard for this eye bolt is DIN 580 and their safety factor is minimum 6.

All PROlift lifting accessories are batch numbered and proper marked batch, manufacturer, size, CE mark).

It is strictly forbidden to exceed WLL value!

Important: When the fastening screw is perpendicular to the ground plane, the maximum working loads in column 0° shall be taken into account. When the fastening screw is parallel to the ground plane, the maximum working loads in column 90° shall be used!

drawing of a Eye Bolt DIN 580
dimensions and features of Eye Bolt DIN 580