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PRO-FC-1960 Fiber Core Slings Class 1960

slings made from fiber core wire rope
Slings manufactured according to EN 13414-1 standard specs and available as 6x36WS or 6x19 construction, galvanised, fiber core. A flexible and with a superior lifespan wire rope, 6x36WS fiber core construction is usually used for:
- ordinary lifting operations;
- slings and lifting / towing sets;
- rescue boats;
- mooring and maritime pilotage;

Avoid using fiber core ropes on very low (negative) temperatures or on temperatures exceeding 82 °C.
Find below work load limits for wire rope sling sets made from fiber core 6x36WS, tensile class 1960, which provide higher work load limits than 6x7, 6x19 or 6x37 fiber core constructions.

Work load limits adjusted and calculated according to EN 13414-1 and slightly adjusted.
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drawing of lifting wire rope sling

work load limits for one leg and multiple leg slings class 1960