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PRO-DIR Forged D-Ring

forged D-Ring

Lifting forged d-rings are accessories that have a number of advantages: they allow the lifting of loads in narrow spaces, allow lifting from various angles to the load fixing plane, avoid contact between the lifting system (hook) and the load surface, thus avoiding its deterioration (kicking, scratching, rubbing). This forged d-ring is fixed by welding the load to be handled. A similar product is PRO-D-RING.

It is very important that the welding is performed by a qualified welder and that all the particularities of the application are taken into account (the load to be lifted, the surface on which the hook will be fixed, the fixing position, the quality of the weld, the properties of the equipment on which the hook will be fixed, the weather conditions at the time of welding, etc.).

Manufacturing standard for this grade 80 forged d-ring is EN 1677-1.

All PROlift lifting accessories are batch numbered and proper marked batch, manufacturer, size, CE mark).

This forged d-ring is manufactured with safety factor 4 - Minimum breaking load (MBL) is four times higher than Work load limit (WLL).

It is strictly forbidden to exceed WLL value!

drawing of a forged D-Ring
dimensions and features of a forged D-Ring