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PRO-FR-B Self-Balancing Fork for Pallets Handling

Self-balancing pallets with adjustable claw positioning and mobile lifting link:
- the two claws are adjustable - their opening is variable and depending on the needs (pallets to be handled), the fixing of the claws with the bolt;
- lifting or descending is done by attaching the link to the hook of the crane / lifting system; depending on the load, angle and lifting height, it gently strips between the two fastening bolts previously positioned in the special locations;
- simple and easy-to-handle construction that provides weightless load balance;

This pallet fork is made according to the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

PROlift® pallet forks are provided with an identification plate on which are the product series, the year of manufacture, the maximum workload and our identification data.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed working load limit WLL!

drawing of a Self-Balancing Fork for Pallets Handling
dimensions and features of Self-Balancing Fork for Pallets Handling