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PRO-B Hand Hoist with Chain

manual hoist with chain

Manual hoist with chain - robust hoists, equipped with strong Grade 80 chains, suitable for intensive handling of heavy loads in complete safety and with a relatively low effort to the lifting load ratio. The hoists operating temperature range is between minus 10°C and +50°C. They are made in compliance with EN 13157 standard.

Operation is simple and safe, ensured by their robust and compact design.

All PROlift hoists are tested by the factory at 1.5 times their rated capacity.
On demand, the hoists can be supplied with overload protection.
On demand, the hoists can be fitted with any length of chain.

Constructive features of the PRO-B type manual hoists with chain:

  • grade 80 alloy load chains, according to EN 818-7 standard;
  • compact overall dimensions;
  • self-locking safety brake that allows attaching of the load at any desired height while safely protected against external factors;
  • protected against external factors assured by heat processed enamel paint;
  • if incidentally overloaded, the hook will bend and it will not break;
  • both hooks are made of cast steel and are fitted with safety latches;
  • all the rotating parts are mounted on bearings, which allow easy operation;
drawing of manual hoist with chain

size and features for manual hoist with chain