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PRO-PT-BF Hand Pallet Truck

Hand (manual) operated pallet truck mechanism. Main features:
- high-performance hydraulic lifting system;
- bolt coupling between the steering wheel shaft and the hydraulic pump, which ensures easy replacement of the guide wheels;
- easy to handle with a return angle of the 210°
- the wheels are made of polyurethane (optionally, we can provide pallet trucks with nylon or rubber wheels).

This pallet track is made according to the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 13157 european standard.

PROlift® pallet trucks are provided with an identification plate on which are the product series, the year of manufacture, the maximum workload and our identification data.
We provide spare parts and service for these products.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed working load limit WLL!

hand pallet truck
dimensions and features of a hand pallet truck