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PRO-DN Horizontal Clamp for Steel Sheet

horizontal clamp for steel sheet

Clamp used for horizontal lifting and handling of steel sheets; if the length of the board is far too long, it is recommended that the lifting system also contains a beam.

Manufacturing standard for horizontal lifting clamp is EN 13155.
In choosing the right clamps, in addition to the maximum working load, take in consideration its jaw opening - it will influence the minimum and maximum thickness of the plate that can be caught and lifted.

This horizontal model can be used only for horizontal lifting and handling.

Adjust the maximum load of the pair of clamps with the angle formed at the top of the chain system that is based, as terminations, with horizontal lifting clamps!

If this angle exceeds 120°, you are in red zone and the use of clamps is prohibited under these conditions.
Thus, if the angle (opening) at the top of the chain lift system and clamps at the base is at least 90° but does not exceed 120°, the maximum working load of the pair of clamps shall be considered half the nominal load - you are in the yellow zone.

At the same time, it should be considered that each clamp is perpendicular to the horizontal plane of the plate, the maximum lateral deviation allowed being a maximum of 15°!

PROlift® lifting clamps are provided with serial number and an identification plate according to the standard.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum load WLL!
The maximum working load for PRO-DN horizontal plate clamps is valid for a pair of two clamps, as at least two clamps (one pair) must be used for lifting!
Safety factor for PRO-DN horizontal lifting clamps is 4 and they are proof load tested at 2 x WLL.

drawing of a horizontal lifting clamp for steel sheet

dimensions and features of a horizontal lifting clamp for steel sheet