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PRO-YSSM Electric Chain Hoist IP 54 with Electric Trolley

electric hoist with electric trolley

Electric chain hoist IP 54 with electric trolley PROlift® powered by Blackbear® available as single and dual speed, workload range between 2 tons and up to 30 tons, being the result of electric chain hoist PRO-YSS and electric trolley PRO-MT (single speed) / PRO-MTD (dual speed) combination.

PRO-YSS (single speed electric hoist) + PRO-MT (single speed electric trolley) = PRO-YSSM
PRO-YSSD (double speed chain hoist) + PRO-MTD (double speed electric trolley) = PRO-YSSDM

To find more informations about electric chain hoist PRO-YSS, click on product page and table below:

main features of electric chain hoist PRO-YSS

Estimated motor duty cycle is 40% for single speed models and 20% for dual speed models. Ingress protection code is IP54 for both hoist and trolley.

IP54: Protected from limited dust ingress; protected from water spray from any direction.

The electric chain hoist IP 54 is fitted with grade 80 calibrated chain and proper chain container. Standard power supply is 380V / 50Hz. Manufactured according to Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and Low Voltages Directive (2006/95/EC/).

The following single and dual speed variants are available:

variants of electric chain hoist with electric trolley type YSSM

D letter from the hoist code designates dual speed type.

Electric trolleys PRO-MT/MTD used with hoists have the following dimensions:

dimensions and parameters of Blackbear electric trolley

drawing of electric trolley

drawing of electric hoist with electric trolley

dimensions and parameters of electric chain hoist and electric trolley