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PRO-IWRC-1960 Independent Wire Rope Core Slings Class 1960

Slings manufactured according to EN 13414-1 standard specs and available as 6x36WS or 6x19S construction, galvanised, IWRC.

6x19S+IWRC / 1960 6x36WS+IWRC / 1960
independent wire rope core 6x19
independent wire rope core 6x36
Galvanised treated, with diameter range from 6 and up to 102 mm.
Galvanised slings have a better corrosion resistance.
Avoid using independent wire rope core ropes on temperatures below -40 &degC or on temperatures exceeding 204 °C.
For slings made with different wire rope constructions, please contact us.

A flexible and with a superior lifespan wire rope, 6x36WS construction is usually used for:
- slings and lifting / towing sets;
- mooring and rescue boats;
- winches and trolleys;
- onshore and offshore oil fields

Work load limits adjusted and calculated according to EN 13414-1 and slightly adjusted.
For other type slings or other diameters, search our website or get in touch with us.