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PRO-A Lever Chain Hoist

chain hand hoist with lever

Different of the manual chain hoist PRO-C, the hand lever chain hoist can be used horizontally in a similar way as a pulling hoist. Their working temperature range varies between minus 10°C and 50°C.
They are manufactured in according to EN 13157.

On demand, the hoists can be supplied with overload protection.

manual chain hoist with lever example of use

As opposed to using a manual chain hoist, the advantages of using a hand lever hoist are the following:

  • it can be used horizontally, as a pulling hoist;
  • it can be used in various operations, such as repairing machines or pretensioning of various parts;
  • it is usable in all positions, both in workshops and on working sites;
  • it allows the possibility of free movement of the chain when is not loaded, thus helping to position hook faster.

drawing of chain hand hoist with lever

dimensions and features of manual lever chain hoist