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PRO-T Manual Chain Hoist with Geared Trolley

manual chain hoist with geared trolley
example of manual chain hoist with a geared trolley
Manual chain hoist with geared trolley, easy to operate hoists, thanks to the specially shaped rollers mounted on bearings inside.
The main advantage of these trolleys is their ease in adjusting to different beam widths, which is made simply by changing the number of side spacers.

The rollers are made to match the profile of the beam. The trolleys are equipped with protections to avoid falling from the beam.

Their working temperature range varies between minus 10°C and 50°C. They are manufactured in compliance with EN 13157.

In the standard version, PRO-T manual chain hoists with geared trolley are equipped with 3 meters of chain but, upon request, they can be fitted with various length of chain.
drawing of manual chain hoist with geared trolley

dimensions and features of manual chain hoist with geared trolley