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PRO-ODM MTC Master Link Assembly

master link assembly type MTC

Master links are used on top of lifting sets and their role is to fix the chain, wire rope or textile sling leg(s) to the existing upper clamping system (usually hooks).

Master links are manufactured according to EN 1677-4 standard requirements and they are batch numbered and marked accordingly, with batch code, manufacturer, size and CE mark.

Master links type PRO-ODM are recommended to be used with 3 or 4 legs chain system (maximum 2 legs on each secondary links), using connecting links for chain fitting (fitting directly to main link is forbidden).

This master link assembly type MTC has a safety factor of 5, which means that minimum breaking load MBL is 5 times higher than maximum work load limit WLL.

WLL exceeding (overloading) is strictly forbidden!

drawing of chain MTC master link assembly

dimensions și workloads for master link assembly