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PRO-VNON Non-Marking Vertical Clamp

Non-Marking Vertical Clamp
Non-Marking Vertical Clamp lifting a plate

These vertical clamps are used to lift, twist or move vertically which should not be damaged during handling.

• parts that can be handled can be made of stainless steel, aluminium, composite, plastic, wood or stone except concrete;
• a single sheet (table, wood, MDF/plywood, glass) or a single plate (stone, granite) can be handled;
• the two pad "jaws" made of synthetic anti-friction material, will not leave traces on the sheet/plate, will not scratch or deform it;
• for safety, the clamps are equipped with a self-locking device, including in the open position;
• clamps can be used individually, in pairs of two pieces, groups of three or even more clamps!;
• there is no lower limit on tasks that can be handled (maximum load must not be exceeded)!;
• by means of the upper coupling can be attached to hooks, shackles or other lifting elements;
• working temperature in the range - 100°C and + 600°C;

how to use a Non-Marking Vertical Clamp

Manufacturing standard for non-marking vertical clamps is EN 13155.

This vertical plate clamp model can only be used vertically (grip and handling from above).

PROlift® lifting clamps are provided with serial number and an identification plate according to the standard.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum load WLL!

influence of the angle of use for Non-Marking Vertical Clamp

drawing of Non-Marking Vertical Clamp

dimensions and features of non-marking vertical clamps

Pad size: Lower pad (90x80 mm, thickness 7 mm) / Upper pad (80x70 mm, thickness 8 mm)