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PRO-FOSS Open Wire Rope Socket

wire rope socket
way of use for wire rope swaged socket
The wire rope terminations that require swaging on a hydraulic press are designed as a hollow shank where the wire rope is going to be fitted into and swaged afterwards. The shank presents a reduced machined area at the bottom end which is equal to the proper diameter obtained after swaging.

The open swage sockets are forged from special quality carbon steel bar; it’s hardness is obtained by spheroid annealing.

When properly applied, the open swage sockets have an efficiency rating (fabrication) of 100%, based on the standard manufacturer’s given strength for the wire rope.

These sockets are recommended for use with 6x19S / 6x36WS and only with other metallic core wire rope construction types (it is not recommended to be used with fiber core wire ropes).
drawing of wire rope termination

dimensions of wire rope socket