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PRO-ERGO ERGO Lashing Strap

ergo ratchet strap
ergo lashing strap
ERGO ratchet straps are composed from the strap itself, the end fittings and the tensioning device (the ratchet buckle). The end fittings can be supplied according to customer’s specification.

These straps are used for anchoring and lashing various cargo during transport, regardless of shape and size due to the added safety they provide, their reduced weight and easy installing.
ERGO straps have oversized ratchet for easier handling.
They are made in compliance with EN 12195-2 standard requirements.

On demand, we can supply ERGO (oversized ratchet) lashing straps with various lengths.

Maximum elongation: 7% of LC

SHF : 50 daN (1daN ≈ 1.02kg)

BFmin - Minimum breaking force
LC - Lashing capacity (usually half of breaking force)
STF - Standardised tensioning force
SHF - Standard manual force
LGF - Length of adjustable (long) part
LGL - Length of fixed part (which has the ratchet)

dimensions and features of ratchet straps