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PRO-PT-JF Pallet Truck with Scissors legs

Having an innovative design, this type of pallet truck offers various employment possibilities since it can be used both as a pallet truck and also as a working table.

Due to the telescopic hydraulic jack composed of 3 segments, the required lifting force is relatively low. It has a high rigidity due to its scissor-type legs, which ensures safe operations by hindering the movement of pallet truck when the load is lifted or lowered, thus protecting the operator.

In case of heavy loads operations, the lowering speed is reduced automatically, to prevent potential cargo damages. It is easy to handle due to the 210° turning angle of the steering wheels.

This pallet truck is made according to the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 13157 european standard.

PROlift® pallet trucks are provided with an identification plate on which are the product series, the year of manufacture, the maximum workload and our identification data.
We provide spare parts and service for these products.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed working load limit WLL!

Pallet Truck with Scissors legs
dimensions and features of a hand Pallet Truck with Scissors legs