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PRO-ML Permanent Magnet

permanent magnet
example of use for a permanent magnet

This permanent magnet is used for lifting and handling steel sheets/plates or cylindrical parts of ferrous (magnetizable) materials and having no fastening points.

The magnet generates a strong and stable magnetic field that allows the magnetized object to be lifted. It is made of an alloy of Neodymium - Iron - Boron (NdFeB).

When in the "on" position, the contact part of the magnet with the handled load generates a pair of longitudinal magnetic poles, evenly distributed throughout the upper surface of the load.

Main features:
- low operating costs,
- high level of safety and reliability;
- without residual magnetism,
- high lifting capacity, even if there are movements or interlocking between the magnet and the load surface of less than 0.5 mm;

Manufacturing process of this permanent magnet complies with the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

PROlift® permanent magnets are provided with the identification plate on which are the product serial number, the year of manufacture, the maximum workload and our identification data. Safety factor for this product is 3var>.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed working load limit WLL!

influence of air-gap void and thickness in magnets

drawing of Permanent Magnet

dimensions and features of Permanent Magnet