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PRO-TF Teflon Pipe Clamp

teflon pipe clamp
how to use a horizontal teflon pipe clamp

Horizontal teflon clamp used for pipes lifting and handling.
The teflon component protects the edges /contour of the lifting load against friction / scratching as well as the clamps.

Manufacturing standard for teflon pipe lifting clamps is EN 13155.
In choosing the right clamps, in addition to the maximum working load, take in consideration its jaw opening - it will influence the minimum and maximum thickness of the pipe that can be lifted.

This horizontal model can be used only for horizontal lifting and handling.

PROlift® lifting clamps are provided with serial number and an identification plate according to the standard.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum load WLL!
The angle (opening) at the top of the chain lift system and teflon clamps at the base must not exceed 120°!

The maximum working load for PRO-TF teflon pipe clamps is valid for a pair of two clamps!

Example: A clamp has inscribed on the metal identification plate WLL 6 ton. This maximum work load is only valid when two PRO-TF clamps with such a marking on the metal plate are used together. Using two PRO-TF clamps individually marked on the metallic plate WLL 6 ton does not mean that they can lift together over 6 tons or even 12 tons!

dimensions and features of a teflon pipe clamp