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PRO-TCR Pneumatic Chain Hoist

Yokota pneumatic chain hoist
example of use for pneumatic chain hoist
These hoists have a cast steel body, thus being resilient to incidental blows.
As a standard feature is fitted with an operational speed control via a fail-safe control valve. The mechanical stroke limiter provides a very safe exploitation of the pneumatic (air) hoists.
The bottom hook (fitted with a safety latch) is mounted on low friction bearings enabling it to rotate even under full load.

The pneumatic hoist may be used in the CENELEC 2 (ATEX) hazardous areas, whilst other types are also available for use in the CENELEC 1 Zone hazardous areas.

The hoists are also available in the "Clean Area" variant, suitable for use in the pharma, medical, food and research industries.

The pneumatic hoists are available up to 100 tons capacity, on demand.

Hoists can be fitted with any length of chain, as per customer request.

dimensions and features of air chain hoist