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PRO-S Polypropylene Twisted Rope

textile rope
mooring rope
They are made of high quality synthetic fibres produced by using advanced braiding equipments. According to their construction, they are divided into 3, 6, 8 or 12 strands ropes.
The raw materials used for fabrication are polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, manilla and dyneema (kevlar).

According to their lay, they are classified as twisted, braided, woven or knitted ropes. The nominal diameter range is from 4 mm up to 140 mm.

The main features of the ropes are as follows: high tensile strength, minimum elongation, anti friction, corrosion proof, high flexibility, heat resistant, minimum liquids absorbing, UV resistant, chemical substances resistant, chemical substances resistant, high buoyancy, easy to handle.

polypropylene rope
They provide a high safety degree in use and are lightweight when compared to chains or wire ropes. The main fields of use for these products are the shipping and fishing industries, various harbour operations, oil rigging, sports, leisure or other miscellaneous uses.

Find below the technical details of the twisted polypropylene (PP) ropes, with 3 or 8 strands lay, these being the most commonly used ropes. For any other types of raw material ropes, different types or other diameters than those listed here, please contact us.
dimensions of polypropylene rope