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PRO-R Round Webbing Sling

round polyester sling
round polyester sling use
Polyester round (tubular) slings are made of very high quality polyester yarns and manufactured in compliance with EN 1492-2 standard, with 7:1 safety factor. They have a compact design and are colour coded, according to standard specs.

The low weight and high nominal load (up to 1000 tons) are the main advantages of these types of textile slings.

Their working temperature range is between –40°C and +100°C.

Round sling identification example:
R - sling type
04 - 4 tons (workload WLL)
04 - 4 meters (total length or circumference)

Important! Circumference is usable length multiplied by 2!
drawing of polyester round sling

dimensions and features of lifting round slings