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PRO-LKS Shortening Clevis Hook

shortening clevis hook

The shortening clevis hooks ensure the non-destructive shortening of a chain, in this way the chain leg or multiple legs chain system can be adapted to different lifting height depending on the specifics of each application.

For this clevis hook, the chain grip is done directly, through the bolt, hence the clevis name.

Manufacturing standard for this type of grade 80 shortening clevis hook is EN 1677-1.

All PROlift lifting accessories are batch numbered and proper marked batch, manufacturer, size, CE mark).

This shortening clevis hook is manufactured with safety factor 4 - Minimum breaking load (MBL) is four times higher than Work load limit (WLL).

It is strictly forbidden to exceed WLL value!

drawing of a shortening clevis hook

dimensions and features of a shortening clevis hook