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PRO-YSM Single Phase Electric Chain Hoist with Trolley

single phase electric hoist with electric trolley
electric hoist with electric trolley
Single phase electric chain hoist with trolley, horizontal movement (traveling) is made using electric trolley, manufactured using an one-phase electric chain hoist with hook PRO-YSF, horizontal movement based on IP54 trolley, driven by a 4 poles 0.25 kW motor. The assembly is operated with a remote controller and optionally, with a radio controller.

The hoist is fitted with grade 80 calibrated chain and proper chain container. Standard power supply is 380V / 50Hz. Manufactured according to Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and Low Voltages Directive (2006/95/EC/).
drawing of electric hoist calibrated chain link

Find below standard dimensions for calibrated lifting chain link.

Is very important to remember that chains used for hoists are calibrated and have fine tolerances, being made according to EN 818-7 standard specs.

It is forbidden to use on hoists regular lifting chain manufactured according to EN 818-2 standard (medium tolerances) or improper fine tolerance chain, even if the dimensions of the link are very similar! There is a great risk to damage the hoist.

fine tolerance chain link size

On demand, the electric chain Hoist with trolley can be fitted with any length of lifting chain!

drawing of chain hoist lifting hook

Load hook (lower / inferior, used for lifting) and upper hook dimensions (used for fastening at top) are presented above.

These hooks are made by forging from special alloys for high strength, with overload reserve.

The hooks are fitted with safety latches and 360° swivel.

dimensions of chain hoist upper and lower hooks
drawing of electric chain hoist with electric trolley

dimensions and parameters of electric chain hoist with electric trolley