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PRO-303 Lifting Point

Lifting point
angles of use for Lifting point

Lifting points are grade 80 accessories that have a number of advantages: they allow the lifting of loads in narrow spaces, allow lifting from various angles to the load fixing plane, avoid contact between the lifting system (hook) and the load surface, thus avoiding its deterioration (kicking, scratching, rubbing). Lifting points can also be used as lashing points to attach lashing objects.

The link of this rotating lifting point can rotate around the axis; at the same time, the eye (link) can tilt at various angles.

In choosing the right lifting point, consider the working load to be handled (WLL) as well as the way of fixing the screw (diameter and length).
Note - Keep in mind that the screw is manufactured on dimensions expressed in the metric system.

Manufacturing standard for this lifting point grade 80 is EN 1677-1.

All PROlift lifting accessories are batch numbered and proper marked batch, manufacturer, size, CE mark).

This lifting point is manufactured with safety factor 4 - Minimum breaking load (MBL) is four times higher than Work load limit (WLL).

It is strictly forbidden to exceed WLL value!

Important: When the fastening screw is perpendicular to the ground plane, the maximum working loads in column 0° shall be taken into account. When the fastening screw is parallel to the ground plane, the maximum working loads in column 90° shall be used!

drawing of a Lifting point

dimensions and features of a Lifting point