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PRO-LSA Wheels Tie-Down Ratchet Strap

ratchet strap for wheels tie down
wheels tie down strap
This high-quality tie-down straps that can secure larger cargos for longer distances. It is equipped with rubber protections that are ribbed for a better grip on the tires thus avoiding the premature wear off of the strap.

They are made in compliance with EN 12195-2 standard requirements.

Maximum elongation: 7% of LC
SHF : 50 daN (1daN ≈ 1.02kg)

BFmin - Minimum breaking force
LC - Lashing capacity (usually half of breaking force)
STF - Standardised tensioning force
SHF - Standard manual force
LGF - Length of adjustable (long) part
LGL - Length of fixed part (which has the ratchet)

dimensions and features of wheels tie down ratchet straps