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PRO-W Flat Webbing Sling

webbing sling
polester sling example of use
Lifting flat webbing slings - standardized name Flat woven webbing slings made of man-made fibers - are manufactured from high quality synthetic fibers, with up to 4 layers of polyester and strengthened mesh.

Flat webbing slings have a minimum potential elongation and they are available for working load limits ranging between 1 and 50 tons.

They are made according to requirements of EN 1492-1 standard and with a CE type Certificate available; they are colour coded and available at different lengths and workloads.

Their working temperature range is between –40°C and +100°C.
polyester webbing sling - 10 ton workload
The safety factor is 7, on demand we can provide slings with different safety factor. Standard type provided is B2 (double ply); on demand, we can produce type B1 (one ply), type C (webbing slings fitted with steel accessories) or even 4-ply slings (16 ton / 20 ton / 24 ton).

Webbing sling identification example:
W - sling type
03 - 3 tons (working load limit WLL)
05 - 5 meters (sling length)
drawing of textile lifting webbing sling

dimensions and features of textile webbing slings