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PRO-MAG-90S Welding Magnet

Welding Magnet
Welding Magnet pack

The magnet with two independent switches separately controls each part of the magnet. This makes positioning easier and easier to use. The magnet is suitable for fixing magnetizable metal elements for right-angle welding.

This welding magnet is usable for professional work that requires high maintenance forces. The magnet keeps flat and round metal parts.

Main features and working mode:
- two switches ON / OFF for independent operation;
- position the magnet with the switch in the OFF position for fixing or ON when you are ready to work;
- easy and safe preparation;
- individually packed in a blister with euro hole hanger;

Manufacturing process of this welding magnet complies with the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

PROlift® welding magnet are provided with the identification plate on which are the product serial number, the year of manufacture, the maximum workload and our identification data.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed working load limit WLL!

drawing of Welding Magnet
dimensions and features of Welding Magnet