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PRO-AL Tirfor - Wire Rope Hand Winch


This winch is used for lifting and pulling loads. At the same time, the wire rope hand winch - also known as tirfor, can also be used for the tensioning of lifting wire ropes.
The working temperature is between -10° and +50°.

Manufacturing standard of tirfors is EN 13157.

Main features of tirfor:
- aluminium frame;
- telescopic levers;
- standard fitted with 20 m IWRC lifting cable and eye hook;
- optionally, it can be delivered with the length of wire rope as requested by the customer.

pulley and tirfor coupling

All PROlift® tirfors are equipped with an identification plate on which the product series, year of manufacture, pulling capacity (horizontal) and lifting capacity (vertical) as well as our identification data.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed lifting / pulling capacity!

drawing of a tirfor

dimensions and features of tirfor