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Management Statement

FORUM INDUSTRY was established in 2003 in Reghin - Mureş, Romania, as a company with exclusively domestic capital and the main activity takes place in Constanta at Bd. Aurel Vlaicu 125. The object of the company's activity is Production and Marketing of Equipment, Devices and Accessories for Lifting, Anchoring, Mooring, Handling and Handling - under its own brand PROlift®.
The company has experienced a continuous development, with a diverse range of products, sufficient stocks and reduced delivery times, without discounting the quality of the products, all of which are possible thanks to the policy of equipping high-performance equipment, training of staff as well as the use of safe and traditional suppliers.

Quality and Environmental Policy (din 01-07-2019)

It is our policy to:

  • Provide and consistently execute quality verification and inspection products and services that meet customer requirements and legal requirements;
  • Ensure that all staff are competent and qualified to be suitable for the activities carried out and familiar with the documents of the quality system, in order to implement in their own activity the documents, procedures and instructions within it;
  • Perform mechanical testing (testing) and visual inspection services in an efficient and professional manner to achieve accurate and accurate results;
  • Ensures confidentiality and protection of customer information, including results of mechanical verification, inspections and tests (tests);
  • We constantly comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard as well as to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
  • Conformity of the work of the laboratory of checks, inspections and tests with the requirements of EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005, to ensure quality testing services and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • Realising the importance of protecting the environment, in order to reduce the negative impact on it, we carry out our work according to the following principles:
    • efficient use of raw materials, materials and energy resources, reduction as much as possible of waste produced and the amount of packaging placed on the market;
    • selective collection and safe recovery of waste;
    • permanent improvement of the Environmental Management System according to SR EN ISO 14001:2015;
    • training staff to conduct responsible and environmentally friendly work and prevent pollution;
    • compliance with environmental legislation.

Top management is committed to providing the necessary technical, logistical and organizational framework, as well as the resources necessary to establish, analyse and implement management policies and objectives.

Objective set since its inception for all our products. The operational safety of our products obliges us to maintain high quality standards.

We respect our customers and our commitments.

PROlift® means a team of specialists with knowledge of the safety rules imposed by this field, as well as people responsible for the sale of such products. The service of the products is provided by staff with experience in the field of lifting technique.

In our daily work we help all our team members improve their knowledge, skills and attitude.

Our customers are our partners. We strive to improve, grow and develop these partnerships and become first phone call for lifting solutions. Customer confidence motivates us and forces us to demonstrate that the joint partnership is a profitable and sustainable investment.

We will continue the sustainable growth of the company, with a minimal impact on the environment, we will make sustainable progress in all areas in which we operate, we will strengthen established partnerships with customers and suppliers and we will continue to improve the professional skills of our employees, so that FORUM INDUSTRY remains at the top of the Romanian companies for its field of activity.

Top management of FORUM INDUSTRY is committed to providing the necessary technical, logistical and organisational framework, as well as the resources necessary to establish, analyse and implement management policies and own objectives and to continue improving its own management system.

Management System

The Management System designed, implemented, recertified by Dekra (ISO 9001:2015) and maintained in the organisation, is dedicated to meeting existing and future customer requirements by continuously improving the processes and services offered.

Customer Satisfaction

You can express your opinion and opinions on the products and services PROlift®, by sending us a customer satisfaction assessment. Comments will be analysed and taken into account!

Below you can find the specific certifications and authorisations held by our company, issued by prestigious national and international certification bodies other than individual ones.

We are available for further details or clarification.

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Occupational Safety and Occupational Health

Our organisation pays particular attention to compliance with legal requirements in terms of work, occupational health and safety at work, environmental protection and fire safety.

Training and improvement of personnel as well as legal qualification requirements are met and complied with, in particular the area covered by I.S.C.I.R. - having staff authorised for technical supervision and verification of installations (RSVTI), technical supervision of lifting welded installations (RTS), supervision of works at lifting installations (RSL-IR), licensed welders and forklifts operators as well as handlers and load binders.

Environmental requirements

In accordance with our obligations under national law H.G. 878/2005, Article 26(1), we inform the public concerned that products manufactured and marketed by PROlift® have no consequences and no negative impact on air, water or soil. Within the company, waste resulting from its own activity is identified, monitored, selectively collected, stored and handed over to the authorised companies, and there is a record of it.

Waste Catalogue List (according to EWC - European Waste Catalogue)

At the end of life or at premature (accidental) decommissioning, our products become waste and must be disposed of according to legal regulations.

Waste code 04 02 22

  • polyester lifting slings / straps (PRO-W, PRO-EN, PRO-R)
  • polyester lashing straps (PRO-LSA, PRO-LS and PRO-ERGO)
  • polyester webbing (PRO-BAN, PRO-BANDA), polyester strap PRO-POL

Waste code 16 01 17

  • ratchets PRO-CA, hooks PRO-JJ, buckles (PRO-BUCK and PRO-BUCKLES), strap tensioner PRO-TEN
  • steel lifting wire ropes (including stainless steel), slings made from alloy steel and stainless steel
  • steel turnbuckles (PRO-OC, PRO-FF, PRO-CC, PRO-OO)
  • steel thimbles (PRO-BS, PRO-ROD, PRO-RO)
  • steel clips (PRO-BRD, PRO-US, PRO-1142)
  • steel ferrules PRO-MET, wire rope grip PRO-WRG and wire rope pulling sockets (PRO-CIA, PRO-CAB)
  • wire rope end terminations and sockets (PRO-OSS, PRO-CSS, PRO-FOSS, PRO-CWS, PRO-OWS)
  • all stainless steel accessories type PRO-INOX-*
  • steel lifting chain - calibrated (used for hand and electric chain hoists), regular (grade 80 and grade 100), handling / maneuvering chains, long link chains, various steel chains
  • steel alloy lifting accessories, grade 80 and grade 100 (like master links, connecting links, hooks, etc.)
  • steel tags used for wire rope and chain lifting systems
  • shackles PRO-CT.0*
  • safety pins (PRO-SIG, PRO-SIGC, PRO-SIGURANTA)
  • eye bolts (PRO-580, PRO-582)
  • steel ratchet load binders (PRO-K, PRO-INT, PRO-GR100-INT)
  • vertical, horizontal and universal lifting and handling clamps used for for pipes, sheets, plates, barrels, profiles
  • special hooks and clamps
  • hand winches (PRO-A, PRO-WB, PRO-WC)
  • pulleys (PRO-HS, PRO-HD, PRO-ES, PRO-ED)
  • hydraulic jacks (PRO-HJ, PRO-HLJ) and mechanical jacks (PRO-RJ, PRO-EJ)
  • permanent magnet PRO-ML and crane scale PRO-CT
  • hand pallet forks lifters PRO-PT-BF, PRO-PT-JF, PRO-MSA
  • pallet forks PRO-FR*, workshop crane PRO-MG, forklift hook PRO-FLH, cargo trolleys PRO-XY
  • steel lifting beams and lifting rows based on PRO-HLA, PRO-HLB, PRO-HLC, PRO-HLE
  • jib cranes and gantry cranes made from alloy steel
  • hand chain hoists and hand trolleys (PRO-A, PRO-B, PRO-C, PRO-T, PRO-GT, PRO-PT, PRO-BC)
  • frame / housing, hooks and motors of electrical winches PRO-CP, PRO-DV
  • frame / housing, hooks and motor of electric chain hoists PRO-CTS, PRO-CTD, PRO-YSF, PRO-YSM, PRO-YSL*, PRO-YSH*, PRO-YSS*, electric trolleys PRO-CV, PRO-MT and wire rope electric hoists

Waste code 16 01 18

  • aluminium ferrules (PRO-MAL și PRO-BSC)
  • manual lever wire rope hoist PRO-HS
  • tirfor PRO-AL

Waste code 16 01 19

  • vinyl labels used for polyester lifting straps and lashing straps; corner protectors PRO-COLTAR
  • polyurethane wheels used on pallet trucks, cargo trolleys and gantry cranes

Waste code 16 02 14

  • electronic and circuit boards used on electric hoists, electric winches, crane scales PRO-CT

Waste code 16 06 01*

  • lead batteries of crane scale PRO-CT

Waste code 13 01 13*

  • hydraulic oil used for jacks PRO-HJ și PRO-HLJ

Waste code 15 01 01

  • cardboard boxes used for packaging and shipping of products

Waste code 15 01 02

  • polyethylene and polypropylene bags used for packaging
  • polyethylene boxes and bags used for packaging

Waste code 15 01 03

  • wood drums used for wire ropes
  • wooden pallets and wooden boxes used for packaging and shipping

Waste code 15 01 04

  • steel drums used for chains packging
  • steel pallets used for shipping